I am an author.

I am an author.

I am a poet.

I am a poet.

I am Stephen Roberts
I like words.


I am an Author & Poet.

(Phew, glad I've got that out of the way)

As a poet I am looking for a crack in the world, a tremor in the diaphanous skin of the earth. I am also friends with dryads, moonlight, and half-formed ideas. I try to write in the shade of lagoon turquoise, screaming orange, and eye-watering azure. The sylph and undines often recite their words to me, but I keep missing their meaning.


My New Book is Now Available

Here is Steve's new book (paperback edition). The Kindle is coming when he can figure out the esoteric way Amazon proprietary code handles the typography from the Pleiadian Starseed Collective! (Update: Kindle edition is now here, it wasn't too painful after all that fuss, link IS BELOW.)

As an added bonus here are the first few sentences for free: "I don’t like writing introductions. They are awkward, demand far too much coffee than is biologically sensible, and are often twisted, hammered, beaten, and squeezed into making some sort of sense of the book’s mysterious title and theme. When nothing is written down on paper a whole suitcase load of blank space stares back at you like a naked and oversized moon. My emotions? I go from a mild unease to abandoning the entire ridiculous idea of wanting to write another book anyway."

Now, if you are really wild with spiritual excitement over these buzz paragraphs (and who wouldn't be - pffft) then click the link below and either pay for a copy or send Amazon a small sack of moonlight - whatever is easier. This is Steve's fifth book of poetry, and it has a very happy cover made of sunlight, meadow honey, and sunflower pollen. It is a mix of wild ideas, poetic excursions with experimental language and emotion, and other detoxifications from the silliness of soul. It is also a good sedative when the Horlicks fails to kick in.

Here is a clever link to Amazon for the paperback edition:
Mystical Secrets of the Beehive: Wild Poetry

Here is another clever link to Amazon for the Kindle edition:
Mystical Secrets of the Beehive: Wild Poetry

Warning: Whatever you do, do NOT buy any books by this author. But if you do, here are six good reasons (just in case you are hesitating):

1. You get to know weird things (about yourself and the author)

2. The book is low maintenance because it does not eat or drink or breath.

3. You can chant some of the poems and begin to see things.

4. You won't have to clean your house because you will be too busy reading my book.

5. You may come up with a good idea to change the world.

6. You may even want to wear a Hogwart's house scarf (probably Hufflepuff) by the time you are finished.

Oh yeah
and this also...

You may also appreciate my creative blog (Aurorae ☾ Moon) on Tumblr where I feature some of my work and other creative and literary themes.I also collect nice pictures that make me go "wow" all over again.

See also my minimal site for my 'Featured Works' for the current month and further information, biography etc.

Emily Dickinson once wrote, “I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine." She was not wrong.


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