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I am incurably an introvert, but online I drive a Harley and scream at the top of my voice in 16th Century English. An owl and a pug dog accompany me, and in my back pocket is a Hufflepuff wand.

Oh no! The Dark Origami mages are up to more mischief!

writings / words / worlds/ imagination / mischief / poetics / ocean thoughts / sky dreams/ wonder / spirituality

These are ideas (writing-out-loud is like thinking-out-loud, only more scary) that may eventually find their way into some of my current and future writing projects. My current WIP is a YA Fantasy.

Glowing Pinterest Inspiration for writers

Character Magic

Picture stimuli for writers, mostly from the fantasy or scifi genre. Remember 'once upon a picture' also works to get the Awen to speak a little louder.

Writerly Magic

Imagination. Creativity. Typography. Style. Knowledge. Words. Growth as a writer. Sometimes you need a good nudge in the general direction of creative inspiration.

chirp & trill & chatter & warble & tweet

staying true to myself and my beliefs: I Tweet a lot

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